Africa Internet Group Website

As part of my six-month co-op with RCKT., I worked with numerous clients on the redesign of their websites. Africa Internet Group is a client of RCKT. and the leading internet platform in Africa that supports an ecosystem of ten successful and fast-growing companies active in more than thirty African countries. The full layout of the website can be seen here.

Building the Identity

Our main agenda was to build and increase awareness around Africa Internet Group and its companies. We became focused on building a long-term value for AIG as a group and establishing a set of brand core values. We soon came to establish these as: Diversity, Passion, Leadership, Ambition, Integrity and Humility. It became my mission to illustrate these values on their website.

Creating the Look and Feel

AIG wanted to build a connected digital Africa because they believe that internet can improve people’s lives on the continent.

To keep users engaged and experience the values of AIG, I made sure to included small moments of interaction, such as a expandable floating action buttons, animated approaches to illustrate statistics, and several hover state effects.