Promotional Photoshoot for Artistry Magazine

The Idea

Artistry Magazine is an online magazine based at Northeastern that a classmate and I co-ran together for a multitude of years during our undergraduate careers. We created Artistry with the hopes to connect the art scene of the Husky community, reporting on anything and everything. One of our main objectives was to communicate that Artistry was not only limited to the traditional forms of art such visual art, music, dance, theatre, fashion and film. We wanted to encourage the Northeastern community to challenge those boundaries and to write about anything they considered art. 

When we were first establishing Artistry, we held various promotional events such as concerts and fundraisers in order to gain the profits we needed to get published and sponsored. In order to gain more publicity within the Northeastern community and to have more artists and writers join the staff at Artistry, I came up with the idea to paint famous pieces of artwork onto the bodies of our staff, photograph it, and then turn them into promotional posters. I believed that this would be the best course of action because it felt the most attention grabbing and relevant to our cause. I wanted these promotional posters to draw in even non-design students to our events and spark interest in our cause.