Awoken: Interactive Game


This is an interactive video game I designed and built while using Processing for the first time. I absolutely fell in love with with this project, it was so much fun to learn a new tool to use when approaching design and bringing my ideas to life to create an interactive narrative. Alongside three other students, we developed a plot line, visuals, music, and code for this interactive game. We used tools such as InDesign and Illustrator in order to properly create the animation for each scene before compiling them together. The most satisfying part of this project was pending hours trying, and trying, and trying again to fix bugs in my code, get the illustrations just right, and finally getting to that moment where I can press “Play” and see my illustrations come to life and actually take the form of a story. You can play the game with sound here or continue to the bottom of the page to play without it.


Athena is awoken in the woods to find that she has no recent memories as to why she is there. Assuming it has only been a few hours since she has been home, she makes her way back to her small town. Upon returning, however, she soon comes to realizes she has been gone for more than a few hours and in fact has been presumed dead for years. The user guides Athena through her journey to uncover her mystery and the truth to what happened to her by choosing actions when they are prompted and taking control of the story.


The main character of the game, the supporting characters, and the backgrounds were the result of my team and I tracing and illustrating stills from the movie The Attic in Illustrator.

Although this class has ended, my team and I have proposed pursuing this project by continuing to build on the density of it and creating more paths for the user to choose from. We also have been deliberating translating the Processing code into Java so that it can live more freely on the internet to be more accessible for users to play.