Crowd Cow Website

I joined the Crowd Cow team to carry their brand and website to new heights in tandem with the growth and success of the company. As a UI Engineer at Crowd Cow, I was responsible for working alongside a group of designers and engineers to redesign and build out a website that would create a better user experience and articulate the mission and brand of Crowd Cow to customers. Crowd Cow is a marketplace for high quality craft beef and meats from farms and ranches around the world. They only work with farms that they know personally because they believe that when you know where and how your meat was raised, you’re able to make better decisions for yourself, your family and your health. Despite the strong mission of Crowd Cow, I inherited a brand that was very limited in use and had not been developed extensively beyond it’s logo. Alongside a group of designers and developers, I participated in developing various assets to illustrate its evolution and support consistency across product design and marketing.

The original site that launched with Crowd Cow’s inception lacked style and brand differentiation – not to mention wasn’t very user-friendly (the former website home page can be seen to the left). The founders requested a site overhaul, beginning with the homepage – and asked that it be designed in a way that used modules which could be housed within their in-house page builder system to be easily editable.

I assisted with re-designing the homepage, nav and updating the global site styles for brand consistency with new color and typography systems. By combining extensive collaboration with developers and marketing stakeholders, we were able to launch with a site that was not only simpler to navigate, but also easier to understand the brand’s mission of food transparency, known source and quality product. Additionally, I helped with the development of all new modules to build into other promotional content pages. The new home page (as can be seen below) was built by myself and a few other engineers using Ruby on Rails, Vue, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The live website can be visited here.