Lolita Poster

These projects were completed for a time-based graphic design course at Northeastern University. There were various assignments given to us throughout the semester, but my favorite project was designing a poster for a novel of our choosing. A process book of all my work from this course is also available in the form of a process book here.

Poster for a Novel

We were assigned to brainstorm important themes within a chosen piece of literature and translate it into a poster. The novel I selected is one of my personal favorites, Lolita. I tried to forget about the plot and theme, and instead focused on making it visually beautiful and aimed to convey ideas as simple metaphors.

The poster was A2 in size and had to be tiled on tabloid paper in order to be printed. The meaning behind this poster was very symbolic and explicit. In a minimalistic manner I made the silhouette of a young girl naked and only covered by a lollipop. The lollipop could also be seen as something slightly more inappropriate.

The theme I chose to develop from the initial draft was the idea of innocence being tampered with. I wanted to create a visualization of this young girls childhood being stripped away from her. I thought of the lollipop and placing it in a sexual manner to make the audience uncomfortable upon discovery of what it is actually supposed to resemble and represent. I discovered from my earlier drafts that I had to play around with the colors and some features of the poster as not to distract the viewer. I eventually added elements such as the belly ring and chain in order to play around with my message.